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TrueFix face different situations daily and finding the right solution is our speciality.
With experienced technicians, TrueFix strive on making our clients happy. Repairing items that are thought to be beyond repair saves;
TIME: Delivery of replacements may take weeks or even months. Depending on the job, we are normally finished within a day.
MONEY: Cost of replacement and cost of trade labour, we are half or even a quarter of the price.
WASTE: Reducing landfill and cost of skips. Our minimal waste is taken with us and disposed of accordingly. 
About Us
Work Operations  

The repair process is a methodical and structured plan that starts with removing loose material from the damaged surface. The affected area will then be filled and reconstructed back to the original profile and treated for the finish. The original surface is colour matched and applied with a spray gun or airbrush to complete the detailing and finish the product.
Insured and Guaranteed


TrueFix Ltd is fully insured.
All works undertaken are guaranteed.

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