TrueFix specialise in cosmetically repairing a

damaged surface by replicating its original design,

making it look new and fresh again.

A cheaper and more affordable way to recover a

products imperfection.


With our highly-trained staff, professional attitude,

and quality materials, we offer an excellent repair that

we can be proud of.



Welcome to TrueFix

Repair and Resurfacing Specialists

Surfaces We Repair
Upvc / Plastic / Composite / Ceramic / Enamel / Glass / Acrylic / Granite / Powder Coated Metals /  Brick / Stone / Corian / Stainless Steel / Laminate / Wood / Veneer
Commercial and Residential 
Home Developers / Home Owners /
Rented Properties / Landlords / Shops / Hotels / Contractors and many more... 
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